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    Parents and Children
    How Divorce Affects Children
    Divorce by itself is a sad tragedy, but for children, it can be devastating

Losing All Sense of Normalcy

All children experience some level of stress when their parents are going through a divorce. Often times, this is not directly linked to the divorce, but the consequences of it. This includes potentially moving to a new home, losing regular contact with a parent or the feeling of uncertainty about what the future holds. If you’re currently going through a divorce, here are a few things you should watch for.

  • Poor School Performance
    Watch grades and school attitude

    One of the first signs that your child is negatively impacted by your divorce is poor academic performance. This often manifests itself in report cards and extracurricular participation. However, children of divorced parents are also more likely to drop out of school and have higher rates of truancy. While away from school, many of these students often also engage in high-risk behaviors.

  • Psychological Problems
    Professional help is essential

    Numerous studies show that children whose parents are divorced have a high probability of experiencing psychological problems. This is irrespective of the cultural background, economic status, and even age of a child. In some instances, this is only a minor adjustment disorder that may be resolved in a matter of months. However, in other cases, anxiety and depression may follow them into adulthood.

  • Fear of Physical Harm
    A serious issue that must be addressed

    In some cases, a divorce is made necessary because of physical or emotional abuse from one partner. When this happens, the victimized parent may decide to work with a family law lawyer to ensure they retain full custody of the child with limited visitation for the spouse. However, until that custody battle is won, the child may experience fear of physical harm due to potential retaliation from the abusive partner.

Minimizing the Effects of Divorce on Children

Almost all divorces are difficult, for both the parents and the children involved. Parents must come to terms with the end of what was meant to be a lifetime commitment, and children are often forced to watch it all unfold. However, if both parents can commit to working together as a family unit, through peaceful co-parenting and communication, they may be able to maintain a happy and healthy family relationship.

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