It's important to know the law

The discussion about firearms is one with strong opinions on both sides, especially in Texas where citizens are allowed to carry firearms in public. No matter how a person feels, there are laws at the federal and state level governing the use and handling of guns. It's important to understand both of them when it comes to protecting yourself from legal problems.

federal gun laws

The reach of federal firearms laws extends to every state in the U.S. and can limit gun ownership. The Brady Act restricts who is able to purchase and possess any type of firearm and the National Firearms Act makes the process to own specific types of guns more extensive and rigorous.

state gun laws

The state laws pertaining to firearms will differ depending on each state. It's important to pay attention to and understand the laws in your home state. Additionally, if you plan on moving or visiting another state you should understand their laws as well since you may be breaking some laws.

when something happens

If you do find yourself being charged with a crime relating to guns and you are not fully educated about federal vs state gun laws, you will have a difficult time fighting your case. It is highly recommended that you secure legal representation who thoroughly understands gun crime defense.

Texas - Liberal, but strict

When it comes to your legal rights when charged with a gun crime in Texas, contact a criminal defense attorney in order to get the best legal representation for your case. To properly defend your rights, be sure to contact a knowledgeable attorney as soon as you are charged in order to assist you in fighting your case to a favorable outcome.